freelance arthur Tram loco

freelance arthur Tram loco


Freelance Locomotive Tram 0.4.0 – 16mm scale model kit.


32mm & 45mm gauge


This kit comes complete with the necessary laser cut parts and some 3D printed parts (95% laser cut) , along with wheels, motor & gears. Also included are all the metal parts required for axle bearings, etc. Together with all the screws, nuts and bolts need to complete your model.
All you need to complete the kit is glue (I recommend a Superglue), paint and a filler (body filling is not necessary, but does improve the finish of the model).

To make the locomotive operable, batteries and a switch will also be required. This can be as simple as disposable batteries and an on/off switch, but my models can also be built with rechargeable batteries and radio control operation. This choice is down to the individual builder.


29mm binnie engineering wheels
(self-assembly gearbox)

3 volt motor 30 to1 gearbox
6-15 volt MFA motor 16 to 1 gearbox

4 wheel Delrin chain drive
32mm & 45mm gauge

will need batteries and electrics to operate


length 170mm without buffers

width 100mm

height 155mm


For further information regarding the building of my kits including electronic control, please refer to the BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS page.


*Please note that kits are made to order and can take up to 1 to 2 weeks due to current demands*